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Poly bushing and sleeve for 1.5" ID tube

Poly bushing and sleeve for 1.5" ID tube


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Poly Bushing Kit

  • Poly bushing with a 1.5" OD mounting diameter, inner sleeve hole is .750"
  • Inner sleeve 2.5" long with 1/2" bolt hole with a 3/4" overall diameter
  • Use tube that is 2" long, 
  • Use 2" x .250" wall DOM tubing (not included)
  • The same bushing we use in our DOM bushings

Poly Bushing with a 1.5" OD Mounting Diameter, designed for durability and performance. Crafted to the highest standards, this bushing has an inner sleeve with a 1/2" bolt hole, ensuring a secure fit for your project.

Our Poly Bushing is engineered to accommodate 2" x .250" wall DOM tubing (DOM tubing not included), providing a reliable foundation for various applications.

What sets our Poly Bushing apart is its proven reliability, as it shares the same exceptional quality as our renowned DOM bushings. You can trust in its resilience and longevity, backed by our commitment to excellence.

Whether you're replacing worn-out bushings or crafting new ones for your project, our Poly Bushing is the ideal choice. Upgrade your equipment with confidence and precision.

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