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5/8" .625" threaded bushing Right (normal)

5/8" .625" threaded bushing Right (normal)


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Benefits of your new threaded bushing

  • Includes 1-right hand thread bushing set and Jam nut 
  • 5/8” 18tpi Thread .625"
  • 1/2" Bolt hole .500
  • Polyurethane bushing with grease zerk
  •  2" mounting width.
  • 1-piece design Forged construction
  • Grease zerk included
  • The mounting width is 2"
  • 2" Thread length

This 5/8" threaded bushing kit works well for 4-link suspensions. The kit includes 1-right hand thread bushing and jam nut. Forged construction ensures durability and a 1-piece design makes installation simple. Grease zerk included for easy maintenance. Mounting width is 2".

Use for air ride kits, 4-bar suspensions, or any other application where a bushing is needed. 

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