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2" DOM steel poly bushing 5/8" bolt, 2.5" wide

2" DOM steel poly bushing 5/8" bolt, 2.5" wide


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5/8" bolt hole Single poly bushing and DOM sleeve
  • 2.5" mounting width
  • 2" DOM sleeve
  • 1/4" wall
  • Poly bushing
  • Inner sleeve for 5/8" bolt 
  • Weldable
  • Includes the DOM housing, the poly bushing, and the inner sleeve

These DOM bushings are used in suspensions, motor mounts, cage mounts, transmission mounts, transfer case mounts, or anywhere you need to add some cushion and decrease vibrations. 

The DOM used is 2" in diameter and has a 1/4" (.250") wall. Making these very strong and easy to weld. The 5/8" inner sleeve is 1" in diameter. These inner sleeves are very strong and will not egg out on you. 

The polyurethane bushing is made to soak up vibrations. The bushings can be replaced with commonly available polyurethane bushings. 

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