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Tube mount shock tab 1.5" Pair

Tube mount shock tab 1.5" Pair


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Shock Tab benefits

  • .250" 1/4" Thick mild steel
  • 1.5" diameter radius for tube mounting, can be opened up for other size tube
  • Laser cut
  • Tumbled for a clean weldable finish
  • Use for shock mounting, panel mounting, accessory mounting, pretty much anything. 
  • 1/2" bolt hole
  • Sold in pairs (2)
  • Made in the USA

Our tabs are made from .250" steel and tumbled for a clean and weldable finish. Laser cutting these brackets produce a straight and slag free cut. The 1/2" bolt hole is a great start for most shock mounts. You can drill the hole to whatever size you may need. This tube mount tab can be made to fit most size tube. Open up the radius with your favorite grinder. 

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