Why buy from HeimJoints.net

Why buy from HeimJoints.net

You have many choices when buying heim joints for your project. Why should you buy from us? 

Fast shipping. We do not sit on your orders for days like some other do. We ship usually within 24 hours and use USPS Priority mail for fast service. You have your heim joints in 3-4 days instead of 1-2 weeks from the other people. 

Cost. Cost is a big factor in any project. You need to stay on budget. We offer a very competitive cost to you. With shipping being free (Over $49) our price structure is the best in the business. 

Selection. We offer most common sizes of heim joints. We stock them in our warehouse in Southern Utah,. We ship daily. If you want to stay on track with your project or replace that broken joint, we are the fastest available choice.

We are a small business. We are a small business that can make changes and support customers better than large distributor warehouses stores.  We answer questions promptly. We solve problem in minutes, not days. 

Contact us. 

Text 435-612-0904


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