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5/8" Bore Uniball bearing .625"

5/8" Bore Uniball bearing .625"


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1" Bore Uniball bearing

  • 52100 Precision machined Steel Bearing
  • 4130 Chromoly Race
  • Bearing only, No mounting cup included
  • Heat Treated Hard chrome plated
  • PTFE Liner
  • Bore 5/8"
  • 19000 pound load rating

Bearing dimensions  1.187" OD, .625" bore, .625" wide

This bearing. Crafted from chromoly alloy, our uniball spherical bearings feature a self-lubricating PTFE  liner, ensuring seamless, durable performance with minimal maintenance.  With ideal dimensions and load ratings, they are ideally suited for constructing chassis components such as A-arms, spindles and radius rods. Available in various sizes, they can accommodate a wide range of off-road or race applications. Used in many off-road race trucks and rock crawlers.

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